About and My Other Blogs

I am also the author of WhyNotBeMe, a personal/political blog, By Mark Ludas, which features my short fiction, and She Could Be Your Sister, Bro!, an on-hold exploration of ways to undermine Bro Culture.

In Commence Project Alpha, I will describe my own process for becoming more “Alpha.”


I’ve always been a nice person, always wanting to help other people. But I often feel afraid of being pushed around, marginalized, belittled, and lost in life. It might be all in my head, but it’s how I feel.

I don’t want to become a pushy chauvinist pig; that’s not what alpha means to me. Rather, I will cultivate my own definition of what it means to be alpha, without demonizing feelings, vulnerability, generosity, or nobility, as many definers of what makes an alpha would have us do.

I will record here what I learn and my challenges, the conflicts that might arise, and you may see somewhere along the way why being “beta” comes so easily to so many people. I admit that part of the purpose of this blog is to keep me focused on my quest; I hope maybe it serves the same purpose to someone else, someday.


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